Enter a list of Twitter© accounts and they'll all be checked. You'll see the status, number of tweets, follows etc.

Twit Checker Options

Twitter User Name & Account Checker

Using a Twitter checker can save a huge amount of time. Rather than checking each Twitter account manually, you can enter a list of account names to do a Twitter account check. The Twit checker will then collect the results of the accounts and show them to you.

Twitter Account Checker Example
Twitter Account Checker Sheep

you can use this for a variety of purposes.

You can use it as a:

  • Twitter block checker
    To see if any of your lists of accounts have been blocked or banned.
  • Twitter account checker
    To see stats of accounts (Status, Following, Followers and Tweets)

To use this Twitter checker (Twit Checker) simply enter a list of account names for Twit Checker to analyze - you enter these in the left hand box. It's already populated by examples so just delete these before entering your list. Click 'Check Accounts' and it will complete a Twitter account check.

Once it's completed the check - it'll display a list of the accounts and each status, number of follows, number of followers and total number of tweets. If you just want a list of the active accounts, you can then click on 'show active' and the twitter checker will display a pop-up with only the active accounts - this is great for a clearout of accounts to use in tools.

You'll find this free twitter checker saves you time when researching accounts- just enter the twitter account name and the Twit Checker will collate all the details for you.

If at any point the Twitter name check returns:

'Temp error, (try again soon)'

This means that at the moment Twitter is handling a large number of requests, so re-try in a few minutes. (Twit Checker uses the official Twitter API)

Most tools take Twitter accounts in the format 'username:password' - for ease of use you can enter them all in this format and the Twitter account checker will ignore anything after a colon. This saves you from editing them all beforehand. Anything after the colon is completely ignored - not saved anywhere (we just strip it straight away).

How To Check Twitter Name Availability

You can use Twit Checker as a Twitter username checker - to see availability of a name on twitter. You'll want to do this if you're making an account and want to research available names. To research Twitter usernames, check that you've got a list of all the names you would like Then simply:

  1. Enter your list of names into the Twit Checker
  2. Click 'Check names'

The Twitter follower check will then display all the names that you've entered. What you want to concentrate on here is the 'status'. If a Twitter account name is taken, then it'll display live/blocked etc. If the Twitter username checker has found the name to be available to register - it'll display a 'Non Existent' red message in the status column corresponding top that account.

Then you can simply copy all the usernames that are available and register the ones you want.

When thinking of usernames to enter into the Twitter username checker - try to think of two (or more) words together (if you're not using your business/sitename). If you're making a personal Twitter account, then your name is obviously the first choice. You can also try mis-spellings of common words - use your imagination.

That's why entering a big list of usernames is so beneficial - you can enter any good ones you think of and see if they're available to register.

Need To Check Followers on Twitter?

Ever since Twitter took the world by storm it's important to keep up with this social phenomenon. With entire businesses basing their whole strategy on it - there's both visitors and money to be made.

Checking followers on Twitter is very important - especially if you're doing any type of competitive analysis. The number of Twitter followers that an account's got gives you an indication of how popular it is. The more followers, the more people are interested in it.

When you check Twitter followers, you may want to keep in mind that it's possible to buy twitter followers. If an account has done this, their number of followers may be high but won't reflect the real interest.

When you've entered several accounts to check followers on Twitter - you can compare them to see which of them is the most popular, then you can try to see what they're doing to get that result. Using a Twitter followers check, you'll find it easier to see where you may be going wrong - or the best way to get into Twitter if you haven't already.

What Does Checking Twitter Followers achieve?

If you're doing some competitive analysis to try to increase turnover (or find out who's got a bigger slice of your pie) - you'll want to check all competitors social accounts. This will include Twitter as one of the biggest social networks. You can see how many followers they have and how many people they're following. You can use this to rank your competitors to see which marketing techniques are working best in your area of business. It's testing out marketing strategies - but you don't have to pay for it.

Twitter can make or break a business - so putting some effort into research and development when it comes to your competitors is a sound strategy.